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All about Dr Atul Goel the Neurosurgeon

All about Dr Atul Goel the Neurosurgeon

Dr Atul Goel is a recognised Neurosurgery expert with a distinguished profession of around three decades. His noteworthy vocation accomplishments and commitments have made his name synonymous with the best Neurosurgeons in the nation.

Dr Goel is an insightful and gifted specialist with the best preparing in Neurosurgery. An MBBS move on from Government Medical College (Nagpur), Dr atul Goel performed well in MCh (Neurosurgery) examinations in Mumbai University and concluded it without a hitch. At the origin of his vocation, Dr Atul Goel Neurosurgeon enjoyed showing exercises in the Department of Neurosurgery at KEM Hospital as well as Seth G S Medical College (Mumbai) as a Lecturer. With consequent years of vocation movement, Dr  atul Goel Mumbai right now holds the regarded position of Professor and Head related with the Department of Neurosurgery, King Edward Memorial Hospital and Seth G.S. Medicinal College, Parel, Mumbai. Aside from this, Dr Goel is joined to TATA Memorial Hospital and Cancer Research Institute and is Hon. Advisor Neurosurgeon, Lilavati Hospital and Research Center.

Dr Atul Goel Neurosurgeon

Over the span of his vocation, Dr Atul Goel Neurosurgeon has held publication positions in different sheets of therapeutic diaries with national and worldwide notoriety. His great production history of fifty sections in various books and periodicals on Neurosurgery and around 477 distributions in peer looked into diaries is in really critical. Dr atul Goel  has likewise shared 150 unique and individual surgical methods which have been distributed in different universal diaries. On a worldwide stage, Dr Goel appreciates biggest production encounter for a surgical service of Trigeminal neuroma, surgical services of huge hemangiomas of enormous sinus, surgical service of craniovertebral irregularities and surgical treatment of colloid sore. He holds the qualification of the biggest number of worked cases (distributed) of suprasellar meningiomas on the planet at a particular time of years. One of his striking proficient accomplishments incorporates support in the surgery of the biggest and heaviest cranial tumor at any point expelled up until now. Dr. Atul Goel is additionally known for his imaginative systems that have been acknowledged all inclusive and are progressively supplanting a couple of customary strategies for surgery.

Obviously, Dr Atul Goel Kem Hospital therapeutic magnificence has acquired him monstrous acknowledgement and a large group of honours from prominent identities and medicinal bodies. Notwithstanding, the honour gotten on account of the President of India in 2005 emerges as an exceptional accomplishment.

Dr Atul Goel Mumbai has confidence in remaining refreshed with the most recent and developing innovation in the field of Neurosurgery. He has traded and shared his encounters and research comes about in different parts of Neurology and Neurosurgery through abundant addresses in restorative meetings.

Dr Atul Goel Lilavati Hospital is effective in driving edge, clinical care and unparalleled research for a broad range of neurosurgical conditions. Dr Goel's territories of enthusiasm for this testing and complex restorative claim to fame incorporate Acoustic neurinoma surgery, vascular surgery, Skull base surgery, Spine surgery and Pituitary tumour surgery.

Because of the multifaceted nature of the field, Dr atul Goel Mumbai initiates his line of treatment simply in the wake of directing an exhaustive and point by point examination of the patient so proper method of treatment can be regulated, and fruitful results with ideal outcomes can be figured it out.

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